LA Clippers likely to have quiet draft night

Steve Ballmer (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Steve Ballmer (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

With the 2022 NBA Draft rapidly approaching, several teams around the league are doing their due diligence. Countless GMs are picking up their phones, making calls, and doing whatever they can to position themselves for what’s expected to be one of the more deeper drafts in recent memory. Yet, in the case of the LA Clippers, their draft room is likely to be a mundane one.

According to Andrew Greif, a current staff writer for the L.A. Times covering the Clippers, the feeling around the organization is that they are wholeheartedly content with the current shape of their roster going forward.

“The Clippers do not possess a first-round pick,” said Greif. “What they do have is the 43rd overall pick and league observers have described the team as uninterested to trade out of the draft altogether, while also not appearing driven, at the moment anyway, to move up.”

LA Clippers love their roster and will likely remain quiet through draft night

Presently, LA is attempting to wipe themselves clean of the stench of missing out on the postseason action this past season. Though Kawhi Leonard missed the entire year with a torn ACL and Paul George was unavailable for 51 games due to torn ligaments in his right elbow, LA still managed to aggregate 42 victories.

As both of LA’s star players gear up for a return, they find themselves amongst the betting favorites to win it all next year. But, despite most of the betting world backing them, LA appears to be in the market to replace the steady hand of Reggie Jackson with a more established point guard.

Recently, the Indiana Pacers have openly admitted that two of their most treasured assets in Myles Turner and Malcolm Brogdon, are up for grabs. Intrigued by the prospect of bolstering their lineup, LA reportedly “kicked the tires” on a possible Brogdon trade.

As for what the Clippers are likely to do come draft night, it appears as though they’ll hold onto their second-round pick, 43rd overall, and draft the best available player with their selection.

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