Kyrie Irving for Anthony Davis would help Clippers

Anthony Davis & Kyrie Irving (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images)
Anthony Davis & Kyrie Irving (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images) /

Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets current verbal sparring session has resulted in a massive rift in their now murky future.

His awe-inspiring spin moves in the paint, crossover dribbles at the top of the key, and jaw-dropping finishes around the basket have aided him in creating a Hall of Fame bound career. However, his elusivity on the court has been rendered useless as Brooklyn has cornered and bombarded him with nonstop questions surrounding his work ethic and desire to play the game of basketball at the highest level.

Ultimately, Irving’s track record speaks for itself. During his first season in Brooklyn, Irving played in just 20 games before being forced to have season-ending shoulder surgery. In year two, Irving missed several crucial playoff games due to injury once again. This past season, Irving rendered his on-court services unavailable as he refused to follow New York’s vaccine mandate protocol.

His shaky Brooklyn tenure has left the franchise treading lightly in terms of offering him a lucrative contract extension. So, with the two unable to see eye-to-eye, several teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, LA Clippers, and the New York Knicks, have emerged as possible suitors for Irving. At the moment, let’s focus on the former.

One Kyrie Irving trade scenario would be music to the LA Clippers ears

In the eyes of many, Irving’s most intriguing option would be a reunion with current Lakers star, LeBron James. Having won an NBA title on the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, the pair’s relationship was ultimately fractured as Irving sought his own team and franchise to lead to championship prosperity.

Nevertheless, Irving quickly found that doing so was an arduous task and has since apologized publicly for the way he handled his relationship with James. His apologetic words have left several, including Nick Wright, a current Sportscaster and journalist on Fox Sports 1, envisioning a world where the two would rejoin forces. While Clippers fans have begun biting their nails at the faint possibility of a James, Irving, and Anthony Davis pairing stepping onto the court together, their worst nightmare has actually turned into a joyous affair as Wright has proposed a unique trade idea.

“What about the biggest, most blockbuster trade ever,” said Wright on First Things First. “The trade is, AD and Russ (Russell Westbrook) for Kyrie and Ben Simmons.”

Wright’s unlikely trade scenario is one that should be celebrated as Clipper fans cross their fingers in the hopes that it actually takes place. While Irving would serve as an upgrade over the consistently castigated Russell Westbrook, ridding themselves of Anthony Davis would leave the Lakers with a gaping hole in the middle of their lineup.

Outside of Davis’s first year in LA, the multi-talented big man has been chastised for his unwillingness to take over late in ball games and his penchant for long-lasting injuries. Additionally, Laker Nation has pointed a blaming finger in the eight-time All-Stars direction for their recent playoff shortcomings. This past season, although the injury bug struck again, Davis averaged 23.2 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 2.3 blocks per game.

The Clippers, despite their highly efficient small ball lineups that could feature Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Norman Powell, and Nic Batum, are unable to match up with their down-the-hall rival’s 7-footer in the middle.

Irving has proven to be unstoppable on the perimeter and mesmerizing in the paint. Still, the diminutive guard is a defensive liability, registering just 0.9 defensive win shares last season. Irving has also been aloof and petulant in various stops around the NBA.

Adding Irving while simultaneously keeping Davis will make Clipper fans shake their heads incredulously at the seemingly insurmountable behemoth that they share a building with. However, if Davis is shipped out in favor of an obtrusive Irving and a Ben Simmons who’s a complete nonthreat on the offensive end, Clipper Nation will dominate their cross-the-hall rivals for years on end.

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