The LA Clippers and Blake Griffin need each other

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 19: Blake Griffin
LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 19: Blake Griffin /

Blake Griffin’s time as an LA Clipper was a spectacular one. In eight full seasons donning the white, red, and blue – Griffin became arguably the league’s best big man. His run consisted of five consecutive All-Star selections and nightly appearances on ESPN’s top ten list.

Yet, no matter how high Griffin soared through the air, he failed to lift the Clippers franchise to championship status.

Still, even after suffering second-round exit after second-round exit, the Clippers remained in the spotlight, mostly due to Griffin. Following the 2016-17 season, Griffin decided against changing jerseys and playing elsewhere. Just before Griffin inked his new five-year $173 million dollar deal to remain as LA’s anchor, Griffin was reportedly told that he would be a Clipper for life. But just 58 games into year one of said extension, Griffin was quietly shoved out the back door.

Blake Griffin isn’t the same player but can be a valuable piece for the LA Clippers

Before he knew it, Griffin found himself playing in Detroit. Listless at times on the court, Griffin’s game eroded during his time as a Piston. Now, at the not so old age of 33, Griffin is a shell of his former great self. This past season officially solidified Griffin as a role player as he continued his fall from grace.

The former Clipper star registered career lows across the board including points, 6.4, and rebounds, 4.1.

Presently a free agent, it’s highly unlikely that the Brooklyn Nets decide to bring Griffin back for a third season. While clearly fading, both Griffin and his former squad could use each other.

During the 2021-22 regular season, LA was a horrendous rebounding team, finishing 19th in the league with only 44 a game. On a nightly basis, the Clippers were crushed on the glass, especially when it came to offensive rebounding.

Griffin, although on his last legs, is still a solid rebounder, averaging 8.6 per 36 minutes, including 2.3 offensive boards.

More than just his willingness to hit the court and dive for loose balls, Griffin brings a ton of sentimental value.

Known for being toward the bottom of the Western Conference barrel, Griffin helped transform a moribund franchise into title contenders. Furthermore, a reunion is one that Griffin desperately craves.

Just a few short weeks ago, Griffin pressed the like button on a recent comment from an LA fan. Said comment stated it would be a good idea for Griffin to return home and help Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in their title run next season.

The nightly posters, exciting plays, and monster stats will be forever buried in Griffin’s past. Nevertheless, he still has enough in the tank to contribute meaningful minutes to a championship-caliber Clipper squad. Griffin deserves the reunion.

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