LA Clippers need to take advantage of cupcake schedule in next 5 games

Paul George, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Paul George, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Clippers haven’t been great this year, but they certainly haven’t been bad.

One way for them to get all the way up to the level they want to play at is simply winning five straight winnable games that are all up here in a row on LA’s schedule.

As the Clippers were set to take on the Kings, they were looking at their next six games being against teams under .500, .500, or just one game over .500. Those are all winnable games for Clip City.

The LA Clippers have the chance to take advantage of many beatable opponents coming up here.

The LA Clippers will start this string of games with the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s a huge game, and one that will be nationally televised on ESPN.

The Lakers are 12-11. Again, that’s a very winnable game for a team that’s even won seven in a row at one point this year.

Then, they play the 8-14 Kings again. That’s a game that they will be expected to win easily–no excuses.

After that is the Trail Blazers, who like lots of teams in this league, look formidable at times but haven’t broken through to prove they are a true contender. The Clippers have had lots of recent success against Portland.

In the two seasons prior to this one, they were 3-0 against the Blazers in both years. This year, they’ve beat them in two of three contests.

The Celtics come after that, and they’re another team that’s hovering around the middle of the pack. Many teams, like the Clippers, are at around a .500 record and looking for that push to separate themselves in this league.

To close out the five-game easy stretch will be a team that is nowhere close to .500, in the awful Orlando Magic.

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All in all, the Clippers have the chance to go 5-0 in this stretch of games, and if they do, they’ll cement themselves as contenders. They have a tremendous MVP candidate in Paul George to lead the way, and an elite Head Coach in Ty Lue to achieve success for this team.