Fan favorite LA Clipper JJ Redick earns exciting new post-career job

JJ Redick has accepted a new job as an NBA analyst at ESPN.

Redick was a well-liked player throughout his NBA career, and especially as a member of the LA Clippers. He played four seasons with the Clippers, and played what was arguably the best basketball of his career in LA.

He was a full-time starter for the Clips, and had the best shooting and three-point shooting percentages of his career (46.6% and 44%) in his time in Los Angeles.

There are not many former LA Clippers who are notable NBA analysts, so it’s great that JJ Redick is now in the fold.

Of course, JJ Redick is not literally the only former LA Clippers player who is currently an NBA analyst in the media. Matt Barnes immediately comes to mind. He of course played for the Clippers during four NBA seasons as well.

Now, both Barnes and Redick will be over at ESPN. It’s nice to have some more Clipper representation in the media in general.

It’s not just that there aren’t a ton of former Clippers players on the national scene. There also aren’t a ton of Clippers fans covering the Clippers on the major television networks compared to some other large-market teams.

Marcellus Wiley, a popular host on Fox Sports 1, is a Clipper fan, and of course there’s Kawhi Leonard superfan Skip Bayless there too. There’s not much else though, and both are obviously not at ESPN anymore. There’s representation at FS1, but now there’ll be more representation at both networks.

Redick is going to be a great analyst. He played in this league for 15 years, and played for six different teams, three in each conference. He clearly has been all over the league and has therefore seen it in many different perspectives. He just retired, so he played as recently as last year, and is more than familiar enough with today’s NBA scene.

“One of our goals is to always look for opportunities to become even stronger. JJ’s unique perspective and tremendous insight further enhance the depth of our team,” said David Roberts, the Senior VP over at ESPN for NBA and studio production.

Redick has also had media experience before, making him an even stronger candidate. He’s been podcasting since 2015. Now having the time to focus just on media, and not both media work and the court, he’ll be even better than ever in his media endeavors.

Redick deserves good things to happen for him in retirement, and Clipper Nation will certainly be excited to hear his takes on TV now.