LA Clippers: 1 stud and 1 dud from ’21-22 opener at Golden State Warriors

Eric Bledsoe, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Eric Bledsoe, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Clippers lost their season opener at the Golden State Warriors 113-115.

The Warriors were projected to be much better this year, even without Klay Thompson for likely a significant period of time, and they have looked good to start the season. They’ve beaten both LA teams in their first two games, and Steph Curry is playing out of his mind.  Curry lit the Clippers up on Thursday night, and that’s the dud.

Curry had a perfect first quarter, going nine for nine (five for five from three) for 25 points in just the one quarter. Curry didn’t remain perfect for the next three quarters, but he almost was. He went 7 for 16 during the rest of the game (3 of 8 from deep) for 20 more points.

Even more frustrating, he stepped up even more when he was needed most at the very end of the game, and even nailed a shot in line with the logo. He finished with 45 points and ten rebounds. It was one of those nights where Chef Curry just couldn’t miss.

The LA Clippers could not deal with Steph Curry, but had a guard of their own justify why the team traded for him.

Nobody on the LA Clippers could handle Steph Curry, but Eric Bledsoe also had a special night.

Bledsoe was no Curry, but played about as well as anyone would have expected on Thursday. He drained 10 of 16 shot attempts, amounting to 22 points on the night.

The only blemishes he had on offense were that he only hit one out of four three-point shots and one out of three free throws, but considering that field goal percentage from last night, nobody should be worried about how he’s going to shoot from those two marks going forward. He can put the ball in the basket, and proved that.

The best part about this was Bledsoe playing on the wing during a performance like this. Bledsoe was a very good point guard in this league, but struggled last year when he was moved to the two-guard spot on the Pelicans. It’s why many were skeptical of this trade for the Clippers in the offseason.

Well, Bledsoe dominated while primarily at the two on Thursday, so those concerns have been put to rest a little bit. It’s just one game, but Bledsoe looks fine in the role he’s been given so far. He was arguably even better on defense.

Bledsoe had three steals and a block in the game, looking like the defensive player he was in Milwaukee. Again, many wondered if he’d be able to thrive on defense again after he wasn’t the same defensive player in New Orleans last year while primarily playing shooting guard.

Bledsoe looked just fine last night. Sure, Patrick Beverley was important for the Clippers, and seemed to be able to find ways to slow down Curry.

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So far, however, the returns on the Pat Bev trade look like it can really work. The Clips may have lost their first game, but there was certainly an important positive to take from the opener.