Clippers: Kawhi Leonard’s involvement with team while injured big-time motivation factor

Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Although he’s rehabbing an injury, that doesn’t mean Kawhi Leonard is taking a break from being heavily involved with the LA Clippers.

Coming off his third straight All-Star season, the severity of Leonard’s knee injury means he may be looking at a March or April return time if there aren’t any setbacks.

While Kawhi Leonard waits, he’s doing everything to stay involved with the LA Clippers.

“I think he wants to be a coach,” joked LA Clippers Head Coach Tyronn Lue to the media on Tuesday, speaking of Kawhi Leonard’s engagement in coach meetings.

"“Him being around has a great effect on our team,” said Lue. “He’s been good just talking with everyone, making sure everyone is on the same page.”"

Outspoken and engaged haven’t exactly been adjectives many have used to describe Kawhi Leonard in the past, at least off the court. Then again, he was in a Drake video recently, so he must be finally opening up at least a little, right?

"“He’s sitting with the coaches and always picking our brains,” said Lue. “It’s just fun to have him around.”"

Leonard has titles with two separate teams to speak of, so obviously, any words of wisdom he has to offer will be greatly appreciated by a franchise seeking their first. In addition to coaching strategies to contend without their superstar, the Clippers will need nightly standout performances from their revamped roster and leadership from Paul George to begin the season.

Seeing an engaged superstar anxiously waiting to help the cause should be hugely motivating for the Clippers, who are hoping to finally get over the hump with a healthy squad by the time the playoffs come around.

While Kawhi has been doing well on the sidelines with the coaching staff, Lue made it clear the Clippers’ plans for him haven’t changed with some simple words.

“He makes too much money to coach,” said Lue.

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