LA Clippers: 3 ways to fill out remainder of the roster

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Apr 12, 2021; Dallas, Texas, USA; Dallas Mavericks guard JJ Redick (17) checks into the game against the Philadelphia 76ers during the first quarter at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Clippers currently have 15 players signed through next season.

They can get up to 20 standard contracts through the rest of the offseason, so I’d suggest filling some more roster spots in these last couple of months.

The Clips have had a solid offseason so far. They haven’t made a ton of moves, but there was no need to. They have one of the best rosters in the NBA; they just could use a little tweaking to get the roster to the next level.

No. 3 way to fill out the remainder of the LA Clippers roster: Go after who’s left on the market

Admittedly, the LA Clippers’ current free agent options aren’t looking too fruitful, but there are cheap options out there that could be of use to this team.

Maybe an option is to go out and bring back J.J. Redick, who will probably be pretty cheap at this point in his career. After all, he still shoots a deadly three ball.

Or maybe they want to go with Paul Millsap, who also still shoots a good three-point shot, and would fit as a power forward who can stretch the floor.

Perhaps the Clippers could go after Aron Baynes. He’ll surely cost very little, and the team only has a couple centers on the roster.

There are cheap veteran players who could work on this roster if the Clips are down to bring in some new faces here at the end of the offseason.

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