LA Clippers: 3 players that may come up in trade talks this season

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LA Clippers, Marcus Morris Sr.

Marcus Morris Sr., LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Clippers have one of the best rosters in the NBA.

They have the best player in the conference, the best duo in basketball, and a deep bench that just added a couple of pieces this offseason in Justise Winslow and Eric Bledsoe.

There’s always going to be talks throughout the season about how to improve the roster through trades, however, and there are still some really intriguing trade chips on this team. Rajon Rondo and Patrick Beverley may have already been dealt, but there are still some Clippers who have good trade value.

No. 3 LA Clipper that may come up in trade talks this season: Marcus Morris Sr.

Marcus Morris Sr. is a great asset to have for the LA Clippers’ starting rotation. He can take on many different assignments on D, he can score, and he even had the second-best three-point percentage in basketball last year (47.3%).

Morris could start on a lot of teams, though, and that’s the reason why he carries so much trade value. He’s versatile, and he’s been of use to many different teams in both conferences throughout his career.

The Clippers now have a few players similar to Morris. Nicolas Batum and Justise Winslow, for instance, are both long wings who can guard the four as well. As of right now, the Clippers need Morris.

If further into the season, Winslow impresses and can move into a starting role, or Batum starts outplaying Morris, however, they can afford to trade Morris and try to restock on draft picks, or fix another issue they have going into the playoffs.

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