LA Clippers: Kawhi Leonard did nothing wrong in 2019 Russell Westbrook call

Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports
Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports /

I really don’t know why I need to address this, but people are attacking LA Clippers superstar Kawhi Leonard.

Russell Westbrook reportedly called Leonard in 2019 in hopes of playing back at home in LA with another LA native in Kawhi. Kawhi reportedly called another SoCal native in Paul George and told him that he’d like to join PG for a homecoming.

People are livid over this, and it’s one of the dumbest things somebody could be mad about.

People are mad at LA Clippers’ superstar Kawhi Leonard for absolutely no reason.

Why is what Kawhi Leonard did such a horrible thing? He simply decided that while Westbrook was interested in playing together, he wanted to call George because he would rather build the franchise with George.

Is he not allowed to do that? Why would somebody choose to play with somebody when they think that there’s a different option that would be best?

It’s nothing against Westbrook. Lots of players would want to play with George. Why is it a big deal that Kawhi ended up making it happen?

Here’s what ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne wrote:

"“Westbrook had become a father of three the previous November, and while he’d made a home and carved a Hall of Fame legacy in Oklahoma City, the chance to live and play in Los Angeles, where grandparents and his large extended family and friends could visit every day, held deep appeal.”“Teaming up with Leonard would be the fastest way there, so he placed the call, according to multiple sources. But Leonard didn’t just take the call as one native son of Los Angeles to another, ponder it and file it away.“He used it.“According to multiple sources, Leonard then called Westbrook’s teammate in Oklahoma City, Paul George, and told him he’d rather team up with him on a homecoming.”"

“He used it.” What? It’s not that deep.

Westbrook called, and Kawhi decided he wanted to go in a different direction. He could only pick one superstar to team up with.

Does this mean that he’s doing all the rest of the superstars on the trade block/available in free agency in 2019 dirty too?

That’s not what it means at all. He thought he’d rather play with George than Westbrook. That’s all there is to it.

“Behind his back”? Again, it’s not that serious. Westbrook wanted to team up, and Kawhi actually had another deal in mind.

He wasn’t trying to trip Westbrook up. He simply needed to pick another star to build with, and he didn’t really think he and Westbrook would be the best duo for the Clippers’ franchise.

How is he “a bad guy”? Sure, George may have wanted to stay in Oklahoma City originally, but that’s obviously because he didn’t know that teaming up with Leonard was an option. Once he did, he decided to go back to LA.

Kawhi didn’t force him to do anything, just like Westbrook calling Kawhi doesn’t mean that Kawhi has to be forced to play with him.

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This whole conversation is so overblown. It actually sounds like an offseason story that is pretty likely to happen, but then again, most casuals wouldn’t understand that.