LA Clippers: 3 things that team needs in free agency

Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Kawhi Leonard, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports /
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LA Clippers, Demarcus Cousins
DeMarcus Cousins, LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports /

I would not suggest looking into the LA Clippers‘ cap situation for next year.

You’ll be horrified. Let me just put it this way: The Clippers can decide to not re-sign all of an opted out Kawhi Leonard, Nicolas Batum, and Reggie Jackson, and still be over the cap.

Money is already an issue with the Clippers, but they still have needs they need to address in free agency. Value is going to be more crucial than ever this offseason, and the Clippers will have to work hard to pull everything together.

No. 3 LA Clippers need in free agency: Rebounding

The LA Clippers had a weakness in rebounding last year. We were tied for 16th in the NBA with 44.2 rebounds per game.

It’s something we need to improve on, and won’t even get a ton better if Serge Ibaka can play the whole season next year. Even if Ibaka plays, the Clippers are realistically only going to have two players who are going to crash the boards and record high rebound totals consistently.

Those two would be Ibaka and Ivica Zubac. Zubac even got hurt in the Western Conference Finals this year, showing that a world without those two is certainly possible. If Zubac and Ibaka ever simultaneously miss consistent time, who’s going to rebound?

The Clippers need to answer that question this offseason. It’ll be hard to address that in the draft, so free agency needs to be the way to go.