LA Clippers: 3 reasons why DeMar DeRozan is a perfect fit with LAC

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LA Clippers

LA Clippers. Mandatory Credit: Scott Wachter-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Clippers hope to be able to run it back next year with a very similar roster.

That would be the dream, but they might even have some chances to draw interest from available players this offseason. One of those guys that has been speculated to hop over to LA is San Antonio Spurs forward DeMar DeRozan.

Bleacher Report’s Zach Buckley proposed that the Clippers send Luke Kennard and Ivica Zubac to the Spurs in exchange for DeRozan in a sign-and-trade swap. That’s a deal that I’d be very interested in if I was in the Clippers’ front office. The Clippers should be interested in looking into ways to acquire the four-time All-Star.

No. 3 reason why DeMar DeRozan is a perfect fit with the LA Clippers: His mid-range game

DeMar DeRozan would be of interest to the LA Clippers because his dominant mid-range game compliments what the Clippers do on offense.

The Clippers are the best three-point shooting team in the NBA. DeRozan doesn’t fit in too well when it comes to shooting behind the three-point line, but it’s no secret that he has one of the best mid-range games in the whole league.

The Clippers could use a player like that so that they don’t get too one dimensional. There were times in the playoffs where our offense went stale when our three-point shots weren’t going in.

Having somebody who can create in another way at an elite level would make the offense much more well-rounded, and would be a huge strength in the playoffs.

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