LA Clippers can prove they’re more deserving of the two seed tonight

When the LA Clippers and the Phoenix Suns square off tonight in a nationally televised matchup, a lot will be on the line. The Clippers are coming off a loss to the Pelicans in which they fell completely flat while the Suns are coming off a win that ended the New York Knicks’ highly-praised win streak.

We already know who has the season series won with the Clippers having already beaten the Suns in their first two matchups but a win over them tonight would inch LA even closer to the two seed in the West.

The Clippers enter tonight sitting at 43-20 while the Suns are 43-18. By my calculation, a win would put the Clippers at a 0.688 win percentage while a Suns loss would have them at 0.693, keeping them ever so slightly ahead due to the number of games played.

Regardless, a win would prove the LA Clippers are a better team and are deserving of at least the second seed.

Regardless of what people may say, there are moral victories in basketball. A win over the Suns would give the Clippers even more confidence in themselves, especially after laying an egg on Monday. We already know that Paul George has a bone to pick with this Phoenix squad and with Kawhi Leonard listed as doubtful, he can also prove himself yet again on a national stage.

Of course, the win does matter for standing and while it wouldn’t catapult the Clippers above the Suns in the standings, they still need to take care of business if they do hope to move up in the standings. While the number one seed is still very much in play, that seems like more of a long shot.

The second seed, however, is right there for the taking and the Clippers should try and take it to give themselves homecourt advantage through at least the first two rounds of the postseason. If the one seed, Utah Jazz gets knocked off in a series against the Los Angeles Lakers or Denver Nuggets in the second round, the Clippers would then have homecourt throughout the Western Conference portion of the playoffs.

On tonight’s national stage, the Clippers have the perfect opportunity to show the nation just how dominant they can be. The Suns are a potential playoff matchup and the Clippers can prove to everyone that not only are they not a tangible threat but that the Clips should be considered a top team in the league.