Ty Lue addresses the biggest improvement for the LA Clippers this season

After the LA Clippers won against the Memphis Grizzlies in unlikely fashion, coach Ty Lue referenced something that he noticed about this year’s team that sets it apart from last year.

We here at Clipperholics have pointed out what we think is the biggest difference from last year to now. In this case, Ty Lue disagrees with us, and it’s hard not to give the nod to the coach of the team.

According to Ty Lue, the team’s chemistry is a huge difference for the LA Clippers between last year and this year.

Don’t take our word for it, though. Hear it from the mouth of our coach after the Memphis game. When asked about how the LA Clippers are winning games without their key players, Lue had this to say:

“Our guys have stepped up all year with all of the injuries that we’ve had and it’s just good to see. They are getting the experience they need moving forward so if anything like this happens guys have had a chance to play all season so they will be ready for the playoffs. Our coaching staff is just staying poised, our team staying together not fragmenting, not going crazy in the huddles and just staying together, just trying to weather the storm and continuing to build good habits.”

That’s an interesting quote front to back, but the second half, about the team staying poised, not fragmenting and not “going crazy in the huddles” might perk up the ears of fans of the LA Clippers, who saw Montrezl Harrell and Paul George going at it on the sidelines.

Lue wasn’t the only one to bring this up without being directly asked. When asked about the LA Clippers winning with a variety of players, Terance Mann responded:

“I think we kind of built a culture this year where everyone believes in each other and new people coming in or out. Like when [Malik Fitts] was here he knew we all believed in him. […] Just everybody believes in each other and they feel that when they get here and it’s easy to play when all of your teammates believe in you.”

Another case of a guy being asked a somewhat unrelated question and feeling the need to mention the chemistry and companionship in the locker room.

Fans of the LA Clippers have to be excited about our guys raving about the chemistry. The players have been playing together noticeably better, and it’s always nice when the coaches and players back up what we’re seeing on the court.