LA Clippers: The Yogi Ferrell Rumor Means Somebody is Gone

LA Clippers Yogi Ferrell (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Yogi Ferrell (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

It wasn’t too long ago that the LA Clippers didn’t have enough players on the roster, and the question was “whom are they going to add?” Now it looks like the opposite is true.

DeMarcus Cousins is playing out a 10 day contract that seemed likely convert into a deal for the rest the season. Serge Ibaka is still not playing, so having Boogie as a backup big, and as insurance against injury when Ibaka comes back, would be huge.

The 14th roster spot went to Malik Fitts on a 10 day contract. Fitts is a quality shooting forward with defensive potential who has been playing for the Agua Caliente Clippers. It seemed like the LA Clippers might be happy using that last roster spot on a young player, looking to the future, but now that’s less certain.

The LA Clippers are looking to sign Yogi Ferrell to a 10 day contract, and that will be unfortunate for Malik Fitts or DeMarcus Cousins.

We learned from a Shams Charania tweet today that the LA Clippers are expected to sign Yogi Ferrell to a 10 day contract later next week, after he passes health and safety protocol. The 28 year old point guard will fill in while Patrick Beverley rehabs from surgery and Rajon Rondo deals with soreness.

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Unless the LA Clippers plan to waive one of the guys on full contracts (which they certainly don’t), then one of DeMarcus Cousins or Malik Fitts will have to go to make room for Ferrell. The timing mentioned in Shams’ tweet – later next week – suggests that it might actually be Boogie on the chopping block.

DeMarcus Cousins signed his 10 day contract on April 5th, so it will be up this Thursday, lining up well with when the LA Clippers are expected to sign Yogi Ferrell. Malik Fitts’ contract won’t be up until the 19th, which is next Monday.

Another bit of evidence that DeMarcus Cousins might be gone to make room for Ferrell is that Malik Fitts was signed after Patrick Beverley had his surgery. You have to imagine the LA Clippers knew they would be missing their point guard when they inked Fitts’ contract and could have just not signed him if they wanted to use that spot on a guard.

Boogie didn’t play against Phoenix and only saw 5 minutes of time on the floor in the win against Houston. If the LA Clippers aren’t feeling like DeMarcus Cousins is going to be a regular contributor, it makes sense to let him walk over the young guy with potential in Malik Fitts.

If Boogie is the one to go, it might bode well for Serge Ibaka’s health. The LA Clippers may have some kind of intel that Ibaka is going to return very soon, in which case DeMarcus Cousins doesn’t have as much of a place on the roster.

A less optimistic way of looking at this is that maybe the LA Clippers are learning that they need another point guard more than they previously thought. If Rondo’s hip or Reggie Jackson‘s eye are going to keep them sidelined for a time, then Yogi Ferrell can step in and try to help hold the guard position down a bit.

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No matter the reason for the signing, one of DeMarcus Cousins or Malik Fitts will have to go when Yogi Ferrell is signed by the LA Clippers, and we’ll know who it is soon enough.