LA Clippers trade Mfiondu Kabengele to clear space

Mfiondu Kabengele LA Clippers (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Mfiondu Kabengele LA Clippers (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The LA Clippers are positioning themselves to make ahead of the NBA trade deadline on Thursday.

In order to position themselves for a trade deadline move, they made a preemptive trade.

The LA Clippers traded Mfiondu aKabengele to the Sacramento Kings.

The loss of Mfiondu Kabengele was to be expected. The second-year center found himself out of the Clippers rotation and once the team decided not to pick up his third year option this offseason, the writing was on the wall.

Fi was drafted 27th overall by the LA Clippers in the 2019 draft and looked to be someone the Clippers could grow into a stretch five. While Fi has no issues letting the ball go, he never showed enough to warrant time on the court for the Clips who quickly turned into a contender that same summer with the additions of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

His college running-mate and fellow 2019 Clippers’ draft pick, Terance Mann, has found a spot with the team, even becoming a regular part of the team’s rotation this season.

The Clippers will receive back a protected future second-round pick while also sending out a future second along with cash back to the Kings. This move signifies that the team will absolutely be making another move at some point this season, whether or not it is at this week’s trade deadline or on the buyout market.

What that move will be remains to be seen. The LA Clippers have been linked to several potential targets recently but there is no solid link to any of them. The next week or two will be interesting to see just how this team improves their roster heading into the postseason.

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