LA Clippers: Paul George Signs Max Extension to Stay

LA Clippers Paul George (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Paul George (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

There’s one less bit of uncertainty for the LA Clippers. Paul Ge has signed an extension to keep him around for five more years.

Talk about a Woj Bomb out of nowhere. Today we learned from Wojnarowski that Paul George isn’t going to test the free agency market after this season; instead he’s signed an extension that will keep him with the LA Clippers for a total of five more years.

The details are that he signed a four year, $190 Million extension that will kick in after the last remaining year of his current deal. All told, he’s now on a 5 year, $226 Million contract that will take him through his age 34 season.

Paul George wasn’t lying when he said last year wasn’t championship or bust, and he also wasn’t lying when he said he wanted to stay with the LA Clippers long term. With this extension signed, that’s a lot less uncertainty hanging over the season, which could have been very boom-or-bust if the threat of both of our stars leaving was still present.

Speaking of our second star, could this mean something for the future of Kawhi Leonard? After all, these guys came to LA to play together. At the very least, it’s hard to imagine PG signing this extension if Kawhi was telling him “I’m gonna bounce after this year.”

Last year, George averaged 21.5/5.6/3.9 on .439/.412/.876 shooting in just under 30 minutes per game. Being another year removed from his surgeries, PG will be looking to bump those minutes up and remind people why he was one of the top MVP candidates two years ago in Oklahoma City.

This will also take him through his prime and into his early post-prime years. Those years should be kind to George, as his shooting stroke and touch should age very gracefully.

As we get ready for another season and, hopefully, for a deep playoff push, it’s comforting to know that the LA Clippers didn’t trade an historic haul for just two years of Paul George. The man said he wants to be a Clipper for life, and with this contract extension, he’s backing up his talk.

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