LA Clippers: Patrick Beverley is here for your jokes

The LA Clippers’ Patrick Beverley is taking everyone’s jokes in stride.

Patrick Beverley and the LA Clippers went out in a sad fashion, blowing a 3-1 lead to the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the NBA playoffs. The Clippers, a team that had been touted as a potential Finals favorite, rubbed a lot of opposing fans the wrong way.

This became especially true during the bubble when a majority of the team’s rotational players didn’t play in a game that the Clippers defeated the Portland Trail Blazers. During that game, Beverley, along with Paul George and Marcus Morris, talked trash to Damian Lillard, waving goodbye to him and chanting “Cancun on 3!” citing the Blazers possibly having to exit the bubble.

When the Clippers blew their lead, Lillard and the Blazers got the last laugh, repeating those same jokes on Twitter.

Those jokes continued on the internet any time the Clippers were brought up following their collapse. It may be over thanks to Pat Bev’s humility.

Today, Bev went live with his chef to show the two of them making pizza. While this came off as a pretty wholesome video, trolls hopped in the comments to remind Bev of the loss.

At around 3:45 in the video (timestamp for the lazy), Beverley addresses everyone making comments about him.

And I know y’all thirsty too. I heard y’all. I’ve been seeing y’all on the Instagram comments talking about some Cancun on three. So you know I’m a real one. It’s so funny. But I be hearing you all. That s*** is so funny, man. That’s a good one though. I can’t even be mad. I gotta take it on the chin. That’s what happens. You’re throwing them out? You gotta be able to take them too.

It’s great to see that Beverley has taken time to reflect and realizes all he can do is laugh about the situation. That’s not to say he nor the rest of the team wasn’t upset but the loss is behind them and all they can do is move on. As he said, if you talk smack, you have to be able to take it back.

He’ll be getting ready for next season and while he’s laughing now, I’m sure he won’t be when he takes the court next season as the team trys to rebound and win their first championship.