LA Clippers Rumors: Steve Ballmer wanted dramatic changes

LA Clippers Steve Ballmer (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Steve Ballmer (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images) /

LA Clippers owner Steve Ballmer reportedly wanted dramatic changes.

When the LA Clippers blew their 3-1 lead, fans immediately called for changes across the board. Little did we know though, rumor has it that owner Steve Ballmer also was in favor of making dramatic changes following the embarrassing showing.

This report comes via Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN who appeared on Get Up this morning to discuss the firing of head coach Doc Rivers. Woj stated that the dramatic changes that Ballmer wanted started with the firing of Doc.

The phrasing there is pretty key. Ballmer does not seem to be in favor of running it back with this group and there are likely more changes on the horizon. We have to assume that letting Montrezl Harrell walk or possibly dealing him in a sign-and-trade is a real possibility.

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Outside of him, the team does not have a ton of flexbility. Sure, they have some expiring contracts and guys entering free agency like JaMychal Green and Marcus Morris who they may or may not look to re-sign but the team is limited on the moves they could make.

This takes me back to the word “dramatic”. Does something like this mean a potential trade of one of our big-name players is in play? Kawhi Leonard is a non-factor in trade talks but if someone calls about Paul George, is the front office hanging up immediately?

It’s difficult to say. If Ballmer is adamant about making these changes, the front office will have to explore every outlet that they can. He wants a championship now and with the team only guaranteed to have Leonard on the roster for one more season, they probably need to make moves.

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Ballmer has money to spend and as he tries to win now and focus on the opening of his new stadium, it seems like he is ready to do whatever it takes. As these changes begin to happen, make sure to continuously check back here for all your LA Clippers, news, rumors, and more!