LA Clippers: Why keeping Doc Rivers makes sense

LA Clippers Doc Rivers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Doc Rivers (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

There are reasons why the LA Clippers keeping Doc Rivers makes sense.

Have you been on r/LAClippers recently? Go ahead and check it out. There’s a post daily reminding everyone that Doc Rivers is still the head coach of the LA Clippers. To say that they aren’t happy is an understatement. That sentiment is shared across the internet, especially on Twitter where I see a #FireDoc in my replies more than once a day.

Here’s the thing, though. The Clippers probably aren’t getting rid of Doc. In fact, according to sources of Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, they are definitely keeping him. You may find yourself asking “WHY!?”.

Let’s start with the easiest part and what Haynes’ main point was. Kawhi Leonard picked the Clippers in part due to Doc being the head coach. You aren’t going to throw that away after just one season, especially given that Kawhi is going to be a free agent after this upcoming season. Unless Kawhi marches right into Steve Ballmer’s office and demands Doc go, there’s no reason to do it.

Outside of that, there are a few other reasons. The first off being who Doc Rivers is as a man. It’s easy for fans to sit back and say “I would have done X. I would have replaced Y” but so much more goes into coaching. Doc commands the respect of players and anyone else around him. In this tumultuous time, having someone like that around really helps.

Rivers has been a pro in dealing with the media from the Donald Sterling removal to the current political climate. It’s “easy” to replace the X’s and O’s but hard to replace that kind of leadership.

Look, I get it. The playoffs were a disappointment and Doc was a huge part of that frustration. He seemingly refused to make the proper adjustments and even when he did, they often came too late. The Clippers absolutely should not have blown a 3-1 lead for their second time under Rivers’ tenure. It hurts. Let’s not act like there aren’t legitimate reasons as to why he hasn’t and probably won’t be given the boot though.

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