This LA Clippers team has the DNA of a championship team

The LA Clippers appear to have the DNA of a championship team.

As they enter game five of the second round, this LA Clippers’ team has a chance to do something none before them ever have – make the Western Conference Finals. The goal is much bigger than that, though. This team knows that too. They have the DNA of a championship team.

After the game four victory, I jokingly tweeted out a reminder of the last time the Clippers were up 3-1 in a second-round series. We all remember what happened next, with the Houston Rockets taking the series. It hurt.

But that’s just it. I wrote that tweet because I’m confident in this squad and their ability not to only make the Conference Finals but to do more. Everything they have been saying since Wednesday’s win just reiterates that.

Doc was asked postgame about the mood in the locker room and what was said after they realized they were just one game away from their first-ever Conference Finals.

Nothing. Like that’s not our goal. So I don’t even think no one cares to be honest. it was a zero reaction is what I would say. We haven’t done anything yet.

Montrezl Harrell shared similar sentiments, stating that their work isn’t done.

It’s these statements, combined with the type of players that make me confident. Do you honestly see the likes of Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams, or Patrick Beverley breaking down in the throws of pressure? That mental aspect matters just as much as their talent. It’s been stated that the team is one of the deepest in the league and these playoffs have just reinforced that so far.

Coming together and playing the right way has been the only concern. Paul George addressed his personal issues in the first round. Now, the team is seemingly putting their foot down defensively and establishing themselves on that end. If they can continue to build the defensive momentum that started in game four, nothing will be able to stop them.

Taking care of business tonight would be a step in the right direction but even if Denver rallies for one more game, there is still a lot of confidence that the Clippers will advance. It will be great to celebrate the first Western Conference Finals but let’s keep our eyes on what really matters – a championship.