LA Clippers: Reactions to the reactions to Joakim Noah

NBA fans online reacted to Joakim Noah’s appearance for the LA Clippers.

Many fans of the NBA who do not follow the LA Clippers as closely as we do here at Clipperholics were quite surprised by the appearance of Joakim Noah in the starting lineup for the team’s first Orlando exhibition game against the Magic.

Die-hard Clippers fans know that the team signed Noah to a ten-day contract on March 9 just days before the NBA shut down for the coronavirus pandemic. A few weeks ago, the team announced that they would keep the 35-year old center on their roster for the remainder of the 2019-20 season.

With the Clippers a bit short-handed for the re-opening of NBA action in Orlando combined with the team taking a pre-season-like approach to the scrimmages leading up to the official eight-game re-start, Noah was placed into the starting lineup on Wednesday.

And the internet did what the internet did best.

Fans on social media reacted with surprise and delight at the sight of the former Defensive Player of the Year, who last saw action on March 23, 2019, as a member of the Memphis Grizzlies. We decided to round up some of the best reactions here, and give our Clipperholics response.

We already told you, @StilettoJill, he was signed to a ten-day contract on March 9, 2020. Catch up!

He certainly is, Mr. Burrito Bros, and he will be for the rest of what we hope is a 2020 NBA Championship run, thank you very much.

This only speaks to the obvious genius of the Clippers’ front office and their ability to recognize talent that has been sitting on the sidelines just waiting for an opportunity to shine.

No, Tyler! Don’t wait! Get on the Joakim Noah Clippers bandwagon now or don’t try to get on when it’s full-speed ahead next week. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so!

The Clippers have a versatile team with a balanced, unselfish offensive philosophy. You never know who’s going to score on you at any time. Look out, NBA!

Okay, okay, maybe tone down the Paul George slander, sir, but we certainly share your emotional feelings about the return of NBA basketball.

We miss this song at the start of basketball games almost as much as we missed basketball games.

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All jokes aside, we’re happy the NBA is back in what is hopefully a safe and secure environment for the players and staff. We’re one week away from the games counting for real again, and excitement is in the air for Clippers basketball once again.