LA Clippers: Players for Landry Shamet to study in isolation

Landry Shamet LA Clippers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Landry Shamet LA Clippers (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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HOUSTON, TX – DECEMBER 22: James Harden
HOUSTON, TX – DECEMBER 22: James Harden /

James Harden

Landry Shamet is currently taking 63.7 percent of total shots as catch-and-shoot three-point jumpers. A whopping 66.9 percent of his shots come while being considered “wide open” (no defender within six feet) or “open” (a defender within four to six feet). This is working for what the Clippers and their offense currently need, but for Shamet to improve and take on a bigger role in the offense, he’ll need to improve taking shots off the dribble.

Look no further than James Harden. The Rockets guard is practically Shamet’s complete opposite, taking only 5.6 percent of his total shots as catch-and-shoot attempts. Pull-up jumpers make up more than half of Harden’s total attempts from the floor (51.9 percent) with pull-up threes making up an incredible 48.7 percent of his total shot attempts. He’s taking 11.1 pull-up three point shots per game this season and making them at a 35.3 percent average for the year.

Harden also lets it fly while he’s got a defender in his face more often, taking 58.6 percent of his shots from the floor with a defender within four feet of him, or closer.

While Shamet will likely never come close to Harden’s 36.4 percent usage rate, and the Clippers offense looks much different from that of the Rockets, studying how James Harden is able to score off the dribble and with a defender in his face will only add to the young guard’s offensive versatility. Studying Harden’s footwork, dribble movements, and shot selection could give Shamet some nifty ideas to pick up for himself.

Shamet is already skilled at moving without the ball, getting open, and makes his three-point attempts at a high percentage. Adding off-the-dribble scoring to his bag of tricks will make it easier for the Clippers to find him minutes and much more difficult for opposing teams to handle him.