Expect LA Clippers’ Kawhi Leonard to be Ready for NBA Season

LA Clippers Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Kawhi Leonard (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Speaking to ClutchPoints, Kawhi Leonard’s trainer said that we shouldn’t expect much rust in the LA Clippers All-Star Forward if the season resumes.

In a turn of events that should surprise no LA Clippers fans at all, it turns out that Kawhi Leonard hasn’t lost his work ethic during the NBA’s hiatus.

In an interview with ClutchPoints, Clint Parks, who has long worked with Kawhi, brought up his total lack of concern about Kawhi being rusty in the event of the season resumes. Some of what he had to say:

"Over all these years and the success he’s had, he still works like he’s trying to make the team every year. He’s never going to get content. […] When the season starts next year or whenever it comes back, I can promise you he’s going to come back the same way."

High words of praise coming from Parks, who has seen Kawhi grind his way from being seen as a defensive stalwart with a limited offensive game to probably the best all-around player in the league.

This is a mindset that probably rings familiar in the ears of Clippers fans. The culture of this new Clips team has always been about grinding. With guys like Pat Bev and Montrezl Harrell as the motor of the team, how couldn’t it be?

It seems like, as expected, Kawhi’s personality fits in well with the culture of the team. These are encouraging words from Leonard’s trainer. While the date of the resumption of the NBA season is still totally unknown, it’s nice to know that guys like Kawhi are keeping themselves ready for whenever that may be.

This sentiment was also echoed recently by Doc Rivers, who, speaking about Leonard, had this to say:

"I know Kawhi is overworking. I can guarantee you that. […] during the summer, Kawhi couldn’t work, you know, so now he’s got this break, and he’s able to train."

The consensus here is that Kawhi isn’t going to let himself get caught off guard whenever the NBA season begins. Kawhi was helping keep the LA Clippers in the hunt for their best record ever, and that was without much of a healthy offseason to train and get in shape.

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It sounds like we could be in for a new and improved and, most importantly, healthy Kawhi Leonard when we have basketball again.