NBA Draft: 13 times the LA Clippers left stars on the board

LA Clippers NBA Draft Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
LA Clippers NBA Draft Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /
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In the grand tradition of NBA “what-ifs” we take a look back at all the times the LA Clippers could have drafted future stars, but didn’t.

Making the right selection in the NBA Draft is part science, some art, and a whole lot of luck. No team (especially the LA Clippers) gets it right 100 percent of the time and that mystery is part of what makes the whole process so intriguing.

Even with countless hours spent by teams watching prospects in games, on film, and in workouts, conducting interviews and doing background checks, some future stars still slip through the cracks while other top picks don’t ever pan out.

Looking back at what could have been can drive a fan crazy. But we love to do it anyway.

It’s part of what makes the process of being a fan so engaging. We don’t just talk about what has happened, or what may come in the future, but we also hypothesize about what could have been in alternate sports universes that may exist somewhere out there (if you believe in that kind of stuff.)

While the Clippers have their fair share of NBA Draft wins, they certainly have left a lot of future NBA superstars on the board over the years. In some of these cases, the results weren’t a complete bust for Los Angeles, but others might make you bang your head against the wall, look to the sky, and scream “why?”

We wanted to take a torturous look back at some of the stars that could have been Clippers if past draft nights went just a little bit differently.

Why? Because we’re sports fans, and that’s what we do.