An LA Clippers inspired at-home workout: one exercise for every player

LA Clippers (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
LA Clippers (Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Paul George
Paul George LA Clippers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Paul George: Plank Raise Tap Crunch

This bodyweight exercise will help strengthen your core and shoulder muscles without adding too much strain with heavy weights. Last offseason, Paul George had his shoulders surgically repaired and was limited to no contact drills and rehab work until he was finally able to make his Clippers debut on November 12. The plank raise tap crunch will help make sure your shoulders stay in playing shape with the added benefit of keeping your core tight. To perform it, get into a straight-arm plank position, then raise one arm straight out in front of you before returning it to the ground. Next, take that same arm and raise it to the side, then return it to the floor. Finally, reach your opposite arm under your body while pulling the opposing leg toward it, tap your foot with your hand before returning to the plank position. Like this. Repeat until you’re tired of rehabbing and ready to make your Clippers debut.

Kawhi Leonard: Proper Rest

Any good fitness plan will make sure that you push yourself hard enough, but also get the proper rest and recovery that your body needs. In honor of Kawhi Leonard, minutes restrictions, and load management we want to remind you to make sure you’re not overdoing it, and take care of yourself.

Marcus Morris: Double Crunches

Marcus Morris is known for his grit and attitude on the court. He’s also known for being twin brother to fellow NBA player Markieff Morris. In honor of that we’ve got this move to help doubly-strengthen your gut by working on the upper and lower abdominals at once. Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Contract your abdominal muscles to bring your shoulders off the floor while simultaneously lifting your feet from the floor, bringing your knees toward your elbows. Squeeze your abs at the top, lower back to the starting position, and repeat until nobody wants to mess with you. It should look like this.

JaMychal Green: X-Crunches

A do-everything forward with an ability to stretch the floor and defend multiple positions, JaMychal Green is the ultimate “X-Factor” for the Clippers second unit. So we’re suggesting working on your core again with the x-crunch. To perform this move, lie flat on your back with your arms above your head and your legs spread out. Simultaneously lift your right arm and shoulder and your left leg off the ground while contracting your abdominal muscles. Return to the starting position and then do the same with your left arm/right leg. See it done here. Repeat until you’re ready to be a key, do-it-all performer of your own.

Patrick Patterson: YouTube Yoga

Patterson recently appeared as a guest on the HoopsHype Podcast with Alex Kennedy and talked about what he’s doing to stay in shape while stuck at home without access to gyms, trainers, and equipment. He mentions that part of his routine involves running hills in Los Angeles. While not all of us can run the hilly streets of LA, another part of his fitness routine is easily accessible to us all: YouTube yoga. Patterson said he will “go on YouTube, type in ‘yoga’ and then do some yoga sessions” to help him stay in shape with limited access to resources. If it’s good enough for an NBA player, it’s good enough for us.