LA Clippers: Patrick Beverley dominates trash talk filled first round of 2K

LA Clippers Patrick Beverley (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Patrick Beverley (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

The LA Clippers Patrick Beverley dominated Hassan Whiteside in the first round of ESPN’s NBA 2K20 tournament, winning 84-54.

Patrick Beverley tweeted out prior to the start of ESPN’s 2K tournament stating that everyone was light. The LA Clippers guard backed up his words, dominating his first-round matchup versus Hassan Whiteside 84-54.

No one knew what to expect from the tournament. The games only had 2K’s in-game commentary playing while players were expected to add their own talk. After a night of very limited chatter, fans watching the tournament felt a little underwhelmed. Luckily, Beverley was scheduled as the final game of the night.

Things started off odd though. Whiteside and Beverley chatted a little as they selected teams with Whiteside picking the Los Angeles Lakers. Beverley went with the Milwaukee Bucks. Keep in mind that by using the Bucks in this first matchup, he cannot use them again in the tournament.

Then the game started. Beverley seemed locked in, barely uttering a word. It was a slow start as both players felt each other out. Fans, including myself, figured this would be just another game with no trash talk. That changed in the second quarter right as Beverley went up by 10 points.

Beverley said he had been locked in and then absolutely let loose. If you didn’t watch the video in the tweet, please go back and do it. Bev can trash talk like no other.

It wasn’t just the trash talk that was impressive though. He was hitting shot after shot on Whiteside while absolutely locking him up defensively.

Long story short: Beverley is good at 2K and looked to be the best player by far of the group that played on Friday night. He faces the winner of Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins who will face off on Sunday. Montrezl Harrell of the Clippers also plays Sunday versus Domantas Sabonis.

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The second round will be played on Tuesday, April 7 on ESPN.