LA Clippers: Paul George hops on Call of Duty Warzone

LA Clippers Paul George (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
LA Clippers Paul George (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

In order to kill time during the league-wide suspension, LA Clippers’ forward Paul George hopped on to Twitch to stream Call of Duty’s Warzone mode.

As the league-wide suspension continued Friday afternoon due to COVID-19, many NBA players and athletes around the world are all hopping on video-game consoles for the time being. One of those gamers is LA Clippers forward Paul George.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver sent out memos to teams this past week stating that “players must remain at home for as long as possible until March 16th”. With that being said, NBA players and Clippers players have been playing the newly-released Call of Duty Warzone (free on all platforms), as well as NBA 2K and FIFA.

Some players include Mavericks guard Luka Doncic, Hawks guard Trae Young, Suns guard Devin Booker and 76ers center Joel Embiid.

From the Clippers, Patrick Beverley and Montrezl Harrell both quote tweeted Doncic’s tweet, agreeing with him that staying home and playing video games was the best option available right now.

Beverley, known for being a fiery competitor no matter what it is, claimed he was the best player at Call of Duty Warzone on the team after we asked all of Clipper Nation.

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Nearly 6 hours later after declaring that, LA Clippers forward Paul George had something to say as he started streaming himself playing Warzone on Twitch. George has always been a big-time gamer since growing up and getting into the NBA.

He has participated in many gaming tournaments as well as partnering with Sony and creating shoes that resembled a PlayStation console.

George struggled out the gate as his team was quickly eliminated twice in the first 20 minutes of him streaming. Eventually he put together a solid performance that earned his squad the victory as he got the final kill.

It would be amazing to see Patrick Beverley, Paul George and Montrezl Harrell squad up on Warzone and showcase their gaming skills and funny commentary since we don’t know the next time we’ll see them on the hardwood.

George would end up streaming for about 4 hours with close friends and family of his. The highlight of his game-play was when his youngest daughter wanted to sit with him and watch him play. She repeated whatever he said and was asking many questions about the game including, “Why did your character break the glass?”.

When he was asked about playing with other NBA players, one name that was brought up was Devin Booker. George replied by saying that, “Booker plays with streamers, I play with homies”.

Since word spreads quickly around social media, Booker would post on his Instagram story with the caption, “I heard (Paul George) was looking for me”.

In all good fun, the duo wanted to play together but they needed a third player. Well early this morning, they picked up Quavo, the  Atlanta rapper and member of the rap group Migos.

Unfortunately, their game-play wasn’t saved online after they streamed so we will have to wait and hear about how the trio performed on the sticks.

Birthday Month

In consecutive days, two LA Clippers have celebrated their birthdays. The first one was on Friday as second-year guard Landry Shamet celebrated his 23rd birthday.

Today, forward Patrick Patterson celebrated his 31st birthday. Along with the players’s birthdays, Lou Williams is also enjoying birthdays for two special people in his life: his daughter and mother.

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Each day without basketball seems longer than the day before but we will all get through this together. Be sure to stay up to date on any Clippers news that comes out in the coming days, weeks and month as hopefully, we get to see our guys play again soon!