LA Clippers: How Joakim Noah makes the team more complete

The LA Clippers picked up Joakim Noah off the free-agent market today, and it just might be the move that completed an already breathtaking roster.

As reported by Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter, the LA Clippers have just signed center Joakim Noah. Not only is this another fantastic pick up from Jerry West, Michael Winger, and Lawrence Frank, but Joakim Noah really makes the Clippers a complete team.

Joakim Noah has already had a successful career through twelve seasons with his major accomplishments being 2013-2014 DPOY, 2013-2014 All-NBA, a three-time placement on the NBA All-Defensive Team, and his two All-Star appearances.

Most of his career was spent as a centerpiece for the Chicago Bulls from 2007 to 2016 after which he bounced around from New York to Memphis before becoming a free agent. Now that he has a spot with the Clippers, Noah finally has the chance to win that ever-elusive ring that the Bulls could never give him.

In Noah’s best year on the court, he was averaging 35.3 minutes, a 47.5% field goal percentage, 11.3 rebounds, 5.4 assists, and 12.6 points per game. To say that he was on fire would be a gross understatement. Sadly, that would be Noah’s last year playing over sixty games. His production took a slow dive with age and his last stint in Memphis looked like it could be his last in the NBA. One of the great defenders of the 2010s would go out without a true shot at a chip.

As of today, however, that stint in Memphis won’t be his last chance to finally take home some championship hardware. He is a part of an already deepened LA Clippers team that saw the additions of Marcus Morris and Reggie Jackson just a few weeks ago. Although he might never play big or significant minutes with the team, he is still a very solid center that adds some height to the team, something that they struggled with for a while.

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In his last season in the NBA, Noah’s statline was still solid for someone in his twelfth season. Forty-two games, 16.5 minutes per game, a .516 FG%, 5.7 rebounds, and 7.1 points. What he also brings outside of his numbers is a lot of entertainment value for the fans. Looking through Noah’s dunks over the years is quite the experience, he can destroy people with his big man stature at the rim. Alongside Ivica Zubac, Noah would be a total beast.

Overall, Joakim Noah is an amazing addition to the team that adds height and physicality. Even in his twelfth season, he was putting up decent numbers that any team could profit off. Now, whether it is getting blocks and rebounds or going for points around the rim, Noah makes the LA Clippers a much more complete team. The center with 5,867 points, 1,900 assists, and 6,042 rebounds in 667 games finally has the chance to go out with a ring on his finger to finish off one of the more underrated careers of the 2010s.

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Noah just has to prove himself with some of the younger Clippers in order to gain that trust to be a true back up for when the playoffs roll around.

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