LA Clippers can afford missed time with Reggie Jackson & Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris Sr. #31 of the Los Angeles Clippers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Marcus Morris Sr. #31 of the Los Angeles Clippers (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Although it’s not ideal that Patrick Beverley and Paul George are out, the LA Clippers can afford it with the additions of Reggie Jackson and Marcus Morris.

Marcus Morris has only appeared in three games and Reggie Jackson has not even officially signed but their presence on the LA Clippers is already invaluable in that they allow others on the team to take more time off to get healthy.

Those players? Patrick Beverley and Paul George. Beverley has missed seven of the Clippers’ last eleven games due to a right groin injury. George re-injured his hamstring in the team’s final game before All-Star break. The same injury already kept him out for a slew of games earlier this season and we have no official return date for neither him nor Bev.

Not having either player is a concern but thanks to the addition of Jackson and Morris, it’s not the end of the world. Jackson will likely take over the starting point guard role for the time being and should have no trouble slotting in as long as he is capable of keeping the ball moving.

Morris had already entered the starting lineup prior to George’s injury but should be the one who will pick up some of the volume scoring wise in George’s absence. He was putting up a career-high in points in New York as the team’s first option and has played next to superstars in year’s past, so playing second fiddle to Kawhi Leonard shouldn’t be an issue.

Both players have been generally seen as positive additions without even considering the injuries the Clippers are suffering from. They fill perceived holes and give an already deep roster even more talent to play around with. The insurance they provide is just an added bonus.

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As we have seen with George’s injury popping back up, rushing these players back is not worth it. The Clippers have time to allow both players to recover. so they might as well use it. This week off is a good start but the team needs to be extra cautious in bringing them back. Each will have a huge role in the postseason and the team needs to be as close as possible to full strength to make a championship run.