LA Clippers’ Paul George fined for criticism of officiating

The NBA announced today that they will be fining Paul George of the LA Clippers $35,000 after his public criticism of the officiating.

A statement was released today by the league office fining Paul George for “public criticism of the officiating” following the LA Clippers’ recent 110-103 loss in Philadelphia.

Following George’s not-so-stellar performance Tuesday night, the small forward had some words about the way the game was officiated. PG told reporters after the game that he believed “there was some home-court cooking, to say the least.”

George scored just 11 points in 35 minutes. These points also came on an off shooting night, going 3-15 from the field.

The fine was increased to $35,000 as the NBA cited “multiple prior violations of the rule prohibiting public criticism of the officiating”.

It’s not hard to see where this sentiment comes from. The Clippers only lost by 7 points and the game had been close the entire time. One might be able to see a connection between that and the fact the Clippers had eight more fouls called on them than the 76ers did.

There was one foul in particular on George that seemed egregious as it looked like Sixers’ center Joel Embiid pushed off. You can view that play here.

Oh well, I doubt Paul George is too worried about it considering all the money he won bowling last night. Seems like his winnings should be enough to pay off the fine and then some.

George and the Clippers head to Boston on Thursday where they look to bounce back from the loss in Philly. As mentioned, George did not play well so that fact combined with his fine by the league may give him a little extra motivation.

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