LA Clippers complete three-team trade to add Marcus Morris

The LA Clippers completed a three-team trade which brought in Marcus Morris while sending out Maurice Harkless, Jerome Robinson, and draft picks.

As the trade deadline expired the LA Clippers made one final move. The news of Marcus Morris to the Clippers had already broke but the exact nature of the deal was not yet disclosed. With six minutes left until the deadline, ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski announced the details on Twitter. The Clippers were not only bringing in Morris but also Isaiah Thomas of the Washington Wizards while sending out Jerome Robinson.

The biggest piece the Clippers received in this deal is clearly Marcus Morris. Morris has been maybe the most talked-about prospect of the season. Almost everyone around the league has discussed how he is a great fit with both the Clippers and the Lakers.

This season Morris is averaging a career-high 19.6 points and is doing it with an efficient 40% shooting mark from both the field and the three-point line. He will provide a valuable upgrade over Moe Harkless come playoff time.

Despite Thomas being a veteran who could theoretically help, it seems the team will not hang onto him. There have already been reports that he will be bought out once the trade has finally officially been completed. By doing so, the team will have to open roster spots which they can then sign buyout market players to once they become available.

In this trade, the Clippers will be saying goodbye to Jerome Robinson and Mo Harkless. Mo has been a solid role player for the team this year and gave his whole effort to the team. He has been a big part of the team’s success this year. Jerome has had a bit of a love/hate relationship with the team but he has endless potential. He is a young guy and without a doubt has room to improve and could learn a lot behind the combination of John Wall and Bradley Beal.

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Wrapping up another big trade deadline for the Clippers, the front office has once again made big moves to put the team into a great position to go after the championship this year. All that’s left is seeing who they add in the buyout market followed by execution on the court.

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