LA Clippers Rumors: Andre Iguodala heading east is best case scenario

The LA Clippers losing Andre Iguodala to the Miami Heat is the best-case scenario for the team given the current circumstances.

At this point, it’s a done deal. Andre Iguodala will be traded to the Miami Heat, will sign an extension, and will finally report and play this season. Many other teams including the LA Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers were in pursuit of the veteran forward but were ultimately unsuccessful. For the Clippers, the result of this trade is the best-case scenario.

The obvious benefit is that the Lakers don’t get Iguodala. Call it petty but it’s the truth. While we don’t know how he will look after sitting out for half the year if he looks anything like his former self he would have been another solid defender to try and stop Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

On the other front, the Clippers don’t have to give up assets for an expiring veteran. Well, at least not yet. Once it was reported that the Grizzlies would not buyout Iguodala, I was a little apprehensive of acquiring him given Memphis’ high asking price. There are other similar players available, such as Marcus Morris, who have their own question marks but at least they are known quantities given their time on the court this season. It’s not like any of the other players the team is currently linked to are extremely worse than Iguodala.

In the short term, the Clippers play Miami tonight. With the trade going down, players involved in the deal likely won’t play tonight as everything gets finalized. This bodes well for the Clippers who could build some momentum with another win.

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No, the team didn’t get Iguodala as they wanted. They may not even end up making any moves. But given what has gone down in the last couple of hours, Clipper Nation has to be pretty satisfied that he went east and will only be a factor should they see the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. If that’s the case, I don’t think any of us will be too upset we don’t have Iggy.


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