LA Clippers: Leaked court image hints at new City Edition uniforms

Thanks to some new images that have leaked online, we may have our first clue as to how the LA Clippers’ new city edition uniforms will look this season.

The 2019-2020 NBA regular season is approaching fast, and it won’t be long before teams begin to unveil their new uniform and court designs. The LA Clippers should certainly be a part of the bunch that gets a new look, as a few franchise-altering events happened this summer.

Thanks to a Reddit user, we may have our first clue as to what one of those new uniforms will look like. u/lakerswiz shared an imgur album to r/nba early Friday morning, which contains a large number of images that show off some all-new court designs. Included in that album are two of the LA Clippers’ new court designs — one of which appears to be the base court, and another that is supposedly the new City court design.

The new City court suggests that last year’s uniforms, which featured an Olympic-themed color scheme and a large “LA” in the center of the jersey, will no longer be used. Instead, it looks as though the Clippers will be taking on a more monochrome appearance, referenced by the black court border and the large, black “Los Angeles” written out at center court.

Both images can be seen in this Twitter thread.

Also shared in the image dump was a shot of what appears to be the Clippers’ new base court. Much like the City court, this one also features a black border, as well as a design inspired by a map of the city. It’s the same background that was used on the new mural that was unveiled at the end of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George‘s introductory press conference. Unlike last year’s base court, the LA Clippers logo at center court is entirely black instead of appearing in full color.

Based on these new designs, it seems fair to suggest that the Clippers will be implementing a lot more black into their color scheme. They certainly got their use out of the all-black Statement jerseys worn last season, and perhaps those could become even more of a staple moving forward.

As far as the City jersey goes, expect a black or white base with the same “Los Angeles” wordmark at the center. If they choose to stick with that same lettering for the numbers as well, these uniforms could end up being one of the more unique looks in the league.

It’s also worth noting that other teams’ Classic Edition courts were shown in the image dump, and the Clippers did not have one. Of course, we’re still a few months out from the start of the season, but it doesn’t appear as though LA will get to wear throwback uniforms anytime soon.

Now that these images are out there, the LA Clippers may share the official designs sooner than anticipated — so keep an eye out for the new uniforms, as well as an official reasoning for the choices made. Do keep in mind that none of this is official as of now, so these designs are certainly subject to change.