Kawhi Leonard can start a new dynasty with the LA Clippers

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Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images /

If they are able to land the Finals MVP this summer, Kawhi Leonard could be well on his way to starting a new dynasty with the LA Clippers.

As we all know, the LA Clippers have been the front runner in the race for Kawhi Leonard. However, with a tightening grip on Kawhi, the Raptors have proved themselves as a championship team, fulfilling Kawhi’s dream. The Clippers have this potential, but only with Kawhi.

Recently, the Lakers cleared their salary cap for another max slot. In the sacrifice of Anthony Davis‘ $4 million trade kicker, the Lakers have $32 million in cap space. Although their newly cleared cap space to sign Kawhi Leonard is just enough, there is simply no way Kawhi Leonard will want to be an after-thought in an organization.

He wants to be the focal point and the Clippers can grant him this wish. It seems the Lakers have swept their whole roster away with this free agency tsunami to only gain two top tier free agents in search of one more. Their bench will be non-existent. Unlike the Lakers, the Clippers bench is the best in the League, with the most explosive scoring duo off the bench the league has seen. Lou Williams and Montrezl Harrell are two teammates Kawhi would appreciate greatly.

Now, if Kawhi Leonard signs with the LA Clippers, another star will certainly join. There have been multiple reports of Kawhi Leonard wanting to play with Jimmy Butler to team up against the rest of the League. Currently, the Clippers are working a deal to land both of these elite players. According to the Athletic, Kawhi and Jimmy on the Clippers would shake the League and isn’t out for the count just yet, it is more of a possibility than you think.

If not Jimmy, then Durant? Kevin Durant is on his way out of Golden State. He recently declined his player option which solidified that he was leaving after that severe achilles injury.

The Clippers with Durant and Leonard would be unstoppable. Durant isn’t the only one potentially leaving Golden State, the sharp shooter and professional scorer, Klay Thompson went down with a knee injury and will be out until February of next year. He is open to joining the Clippers if the Golden State Warriors don’t give him the max contract option, which they would be deficient if they did not. He deserves it. The Clippers could steal him though and any pair with Klay Thompson as the two would be title contending.

Free agency begins Sunday, June 30 at 6PM EST and Kawhi Leonard is expected to meet with the Clippers. This is extremely good for the team. It means he is eager to see what Lawerence Frank, Jerry West, the owner Steve Ballmer and the coaching staff of the Clippers have to present.

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Soon enough, we will all witness Kawhi Leonard’s league changing decision but until then, all of Clipper Nation will await in anticipation.