Free Agency Prospect: Klay Thompson

How seriously should the LA Clippers pursue Klay Thompson in Free Agency? Is he worth a max deal? Lets dive deeper into the subject.

With the free agency commencing on the first of July, the LA Clippers will be presented with an opportunity to upgrade their roster. With the current roster surpassing expectations and managing to contend at the highest level, an upgrade in ammunition could assist the franchise in attaining a championship in the near future.

While possessing a solid young core and tremendous depth, the Clippers should seek to strengthen in the wing department. With several wings available in the upcoming Free Agency, the Clippers will strive to attain at least one household name by means of the recruiting prowess of ‘The Logo’, Jerry West.

With several analysts touting the Clippers as a viable landing spot for superstar free agent Kawhi Leonard, the ball club remains optimistic about their chances of landing another All-Star alongside the former finals MVP. Should the Clippers succeed in securing his services, they must attempt to pair the two way wing with an off-ball scorer and other elite shooters. Among the free agents available, Klay Thompson would be an ideal fit beside The Klaw.

His ability to create for himself on the offensive end by the means of his off ball movement, coupled with his elite defensive presence makes him a noteworthy prospect. Further, possessing impressive intangibles such as unselfishness and low maintenance, he’s demonstrated signs of being a pleasant locker room presence.

While Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving and Kemba Walker have exhibited their prowess as primary scoring threats, they do not meet the Clippers’ requirements of securing a secondary scorer. Further, of an identical mold to rookie guard Landry Shamet, the three time NBA champion could mentor the progress of the Wichita State alumni. In addition to his qualities as a player, his championship pedigree could prove to be an invaluable asset in the playoffs.

A vital cog in the Warriors’ multiple championships, he could be a pivotal piece in establishing yet another dynasty with the Clippers. Under the coaching of Doc Rivers and the consultancy of Jerry West, the franchise could witness abundant success in the near future. This time next year, the Clippers could insert two stars to the current roster which went toe to toe with the Warriors, and adding one of the greatest shooters in the game would be an incredible start.

Unselfish, tough and coachable, the Los Angeles native could engineer a dynasty and spearhead the Clippers to their first ever NBA title.