Jimmy Butler wants to team up with Kawhi on the LA Clippers

The LA Clippers may still be in the hunt for Jimmy Butler after the guard revealed he may still have interest in joining the team this summer.

The LA Clippers could be a desire for any off-season free agent with the extraordinary play they’ve been able to show this season. The Clippers reportedly have a master plan to sign Kawhi Leonard with their two max-free agent slots and another free agent or Tobias Harris. There have been talks about several stars coming to LA, including Leonard, Kevin Durant and Jimmy Butler.

Interestingly enough, Jimmy Butler was in trade talks with the Clippers this season but ultimately landed with the Philadelphia 76ers. However, a rumor now says Butler may want to end up in LA after all.

For the Clippers situation, they’ve been thriving and it’s no surprise they are a destination for a top free agent this coming off-season. Los Angeles is high priority for any star. With the fusion of Jimmy Butler’s numerous talks of going to Los Angeles to team up with another big star, this breaking news solidifies our knowledge of his intention. Los Angeles is the heart of culture and Jimmy’s top destination.  Jimmy Butler stated he would love to play alongside Kawhi Leonard in LA with the Clippers. Jimmy has “his eyes on the Clippers this off-season.”

With issues looming in Philadelphia, Jimmy Butler is transfixed on the Clippers. Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler headlining on a team would be damage to any team in the league. The two are both offensive and defensive threats that are intense and care about their craft to the extent of improving everyday. In this rigorous Western Conference, Jimmy Butler and Kawhi Leonard on the Los Angeles Clippers would most certainly form them into a title contender.

2019 will be the year of the Clippers. Whether Kawhi or Jimmy come in the off-season, this team is ready for a deep playoff or title run. Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler would be a match up no one would want to face. Don’t wait on the Clippers, prepare.

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