Los Angeles Clippers: 15 players who defined Lob City

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Austin Rivers, Los Angeles Clippers
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6. player. 77. . Shooting guard. 2014-18. Austin Rivers

It is possible that more NBA coaches could fall victim to the temptations of nepotism if more of them had NBA-caliber players as children. Not knowing for sure, all we can say as outside observers is that Doc Rivers fell victim in a significant way.

In January 2015, it looked like Austin Rivers might be on his way out of the NBA after a truly dismal start to his career. Rivers spent his one year of college at Duke, where he was hated by an entire nation of basketball fans, and was unable to shake that perception with the New Orleans Pelicans. Rivers was part of a trade as salary fodder, but prior to being waived by the Boston Celtics, his father traded for him.

Regardless of the nepotistic motivations in bringing him to Los Angeles, Rivers has grown into a solid NBA player over the past few seasons. Rivers averaged double-digit points the last two seasons, starting in place of the departed J.J. Redick upon the demolition of “Lob City”.

While he improved as a player on both ends of the court, all signs point to the team resenting his presence as the coach’s son. Glen “Big Baby” Davis has gone on multiple rants about Rivers’ presence on the roster.

Yet what has to be acknowledged is that while the stars on the team never figured out how to subvert their egos for the greater good of the team, Rivers accepted his role and grew into that. He deserves respect for that at least.