NBA 2k19: Power Forward Archetypes for Los Angeles Clippers

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 30: Danilo Gallinari
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 30: Danilo Gallinari /

With NBA 2k19 releasing today, we take a look at each position and archetypes for the Los Angeles Clippers to have interest. Last up is power forward.

This is it. We will go over the last position that you can choose in your MyCareer in NBA 2k19 for the Los Angeles Clippers.

This position currently has Danilo Gallinari in the starting spot, so if the simulated season is anything like real life, there’s a good chance you’ll get minutes simply due to injuries. So, what type of player will slot in best with the starting lineup? Let’s take a look.

Archetype One: Post Scoring

Yes, this is contradictory to everything that is happening in the current NBA. Big men are often found stretching the floor and shooting from deep. Don’t worry. We will get there.

Having a solid post game is important for this Clippers team. Currently, the starting lineup doesn’t have a true post scorer and there are situations where throwing the ball to the block and letting a player go to work is key. The post scorer archetype for power forwards gives you solid athletic ability and defensive capabilities.

Obviously, you’ll be a threat on the block, but you do need a little more to your game.

Archetype Two: 3 Point Shooting

See? I didn’t neglect the league’s trend. By having this as your secondary archetype, you will be a decent scorer from all spots on the court. Defenses will have to pick what they give up when guarding you and ideally you can slot with any lineup depending on their strengths and weaknesses.

However, looking at the power forward chart here, there will be a low attribute cap compared to other builds. Still, the low cap comes with an extremely well rounded player on both ends of the court. Having more defense for the Clippers won’t be a bad thing, even if it’s not at the elite level.

By making this potent scorer for the Los Angeles Clippers, you should be able to slide right into the starting lineup and play off everyone else on the court.

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