Los Angeles Clippers New Arena Renderings in Inglewood Coming Soon

The Los Angeles Clippers’ new stadium in Inglewood is progressing with the announcement of renderings coming soon.

The Los Angeles Clippers currently share a stadium with the Lakers. Forever it has seemed like the Lakers own the Stadium, leaving the Clippers in the shadow. Let’s face it. The Staples Center is crowded. The building currently hosts two NBA teams, a hockey team, a WNBA team and special events.

In order to separate themselves from not only the Lakers’ shadow, but the chaos, the Clippers have been on the look out to move from the stadium. Finally, put into motion through owner Steve Ballmer, the Clippers found a new home in Inglewood in June of 2017.

Steve Ballmer is an innovator. He proclaimed the new stadium will be ready by 2024. Ballmer wants the best for the organization.  This stadium will shift the fan experience to its peak. Ballmer is already doing great work for the community in Inglewood through the installment of new basketball courts open to the public, a sports medical center and practice facility for players.

Renderings Soon

The Clippers Arena Twitter announced on July 21, 2018 that first renditions of the new arena will be available in the Fall of this year. Progress is being made and soon the public will be able to see the first shades of their favorite Los Angeles basketball team in Inglewood.

There is overwhelming excitement for this stadium to be finished. The final product will be a marvel for all Clipper fans who are now detached from the Staples Center and moving forward into a new era. The Los Angeles Clippers will never feel more at home.