DeAndre Jordan’s Chapter with the LA Clippers is Officially Over

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: DeAndre Jordan
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: DeAndre Jordan /

A look into DeAndre Jordan’s departure from the LA Clippers as well as his future whereabouts, and acknowledging his time on the team.

The LA Clippers‘ social media accounts thanked DeAndre Jordan for his time with the franchise shortly after finding out that he would not exercise his player option. While a new contract could have been written up, the speedy thank you posts served as a farewell to Jordan from the Clippers organization. Information on Jordan talking with the Dallas Mavericks appeared promptly as well, and now we have learned that there is a verbal agreement between them for roughly $24 million dollars.

While Jordan may be on a different team soon, that doesn’t take anything away from his time with the Clippers and everything he has accomplished in LA. The consistency, defense, finishing ability, and pick-and-roll style that Jordan has developed during his past 10 seasons with the Clippers have made him one of the top centers in the league.

In the past year, Clippers fans have seen Chris Paul and Blake Griffin traded and the whole roster struggle with injuries. Through all of that, Jordan gave his best effort, playing 77/82 games while his name was brought up in multiple trade discussions across the league. Jordan landing on another team is likely a decision equally supported by both the Clippers’ front office and the 29-year-old center.

When the Clippers traded Austin Rivers to the Wizards for Marcin Gortat, LA fans got the hint that Jordan was likely leaving soon. Now, the entire Clippers core has left, as well as other starters and bench players from the past few years. While positions are filled with different players, fans will have to support Jerry West and the rest of the front office’s player decisions.

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Clipperholics recognizes and thanks Jordan for all of his contributions in the past 10 NBA seasons. He certainly brought his best to the court night in and out, and the team would not have accomplished as much as they did without him. He proved that he is still the same player whenever Paul is not on the same roster and that he can improve his free throws as well. Jordan will continue to prove critics wrong and contribute massively to his next team’s goal.