LA Clippers: Top 10 Performances of Lou Williams’s Career Year

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Ahead of tonight’s NBA Awards, we take a look back at Sixth Man of the Year Finalist Lou Williams’s Top 10 performances from his season with the LA Clippers.

When Lou Williams came to Los Angeles last summer, feelings were mixed. Plenty of fans though he’d be traded away as soon as possible. Some wanted him to stay, and some thought he was just another Jamal Crawford. And in a way, that’s true.

Williams came in and took on Crawford’s old role with the team. He would be their sixth man, there to take a load off the starters and provide scoring from the second unit whenever necessary.

What Williams accomplished, though, was far beyond what anyone other than he himself could’ve predicted.

Not only is he a lock for the Sixth Man of the Year Award (sorry, Eric Gordon), but he was clearly the LA Clippers’ MVP. Aside from leading the team in games played (79) and points per game (22.6), he brought heart and energy to a team, and a fan base, in desperate need of each.

To commemorate Sweet Lou’s historic season, we took a look back at every game he played in this season and narrowed the list down to his 10 best individual performances.

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