Locked on Clippers May 22: What’s the Most Ideal Offseason Scenario?

LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 29: Montrezl Harrell
LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 29: Montrezl Harrell /

In today’s episode, I talk about potentially trading for Karl-Anthony Towns, as well as my idea of the most ideal offseason scenario for the LA Clippers.

Today’s episode of Locked on Clippers covers a bevy of potential trade targets that the team could pursue this summer. Among them is Karl-Anthony Towns and Kemba Walker.

Towns could fulfill several needs for the Clippers, especially if DeAndre Jordan walks this summer. For one, Towns is a much very sound player on the offensive side of the floor. The 22-year-old big from Kentucky scored over 21 points per game last season, while shooting 42% from three-point range. Jordan is the more elite defender, but Towns provides value that you simply can’t refuse.

Walker has been on the trade block for a while, although it feels like this summer will finally be the one in which he’s moved. Walker, 28, averaged over 22 points per game last season. In addition, he was named to his second All-Star appearance.

With Patrick Beverley at the helm, the Clippers are without a true offensive-minded point. Walker could easily come in and make an impact.

After speaking about some trade targets, I went through my ideal offseason scenario. This includes free agency, the NBA Draft, and more.

Among the questions I answered, I talked a lot about whether or not trading up in the Draft makes more sense than staying put. I figure it does — two players is better than one, yes, but Michael Porter Jr. has superstar potential that can’t be matched late in the lottery. To me, that alone makes him worthy of trading up. It’s a risk, but the potential payout is immeasurable.

To close, I again talked about the current state of the NBA Playoffs., and gave an updated prediction for each series.

There will be no episode of Locked on Clippers tomorrow, as I’ll be traveling to Chicago for the day. Come back Thursday for more!