Billy Crystal has been with the Los Angeles Clipper´s since the beginning

Major Los Angeles Clippers fan Billy Crystal is a year to year season ticket holder and has been through thick and thin with the team over the years. He really has seen it all.

Billy Crystal is the longest and most loyal supporter of the Los Angeles Clippers since the days of the San Diego Clippers. Crystal´s support towards the Clippers stemmed through a feel of competitiveness and underdog the Clippers embody. The NBA Los Angeles team counterpart the Los Angeles Lakers receive more of the attention, Crystal likes the nature the Clippers organization wanted to create of winning and taking a challenge head on. He was there when a Triple Double classified as three couples attending a game.

Back in 2012, Crystal interviewed with Ora TV about being a Loyal Clipper Fan for the past 20 years.

Crystal points out his love for challenge,

¨I had Laker tickets for a while, they were great, but there was like no challenge¨

Billy Crystal implicated that he loved the challenge of a developing dynasty, which the Clippers were becoming in 2012. However fast forward to the present day, the Clippers are facing their largest challenges of all with losing stars like Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. Crystal also recalled being called upon for trade advice from the Clippers front office.

Crystal will continue to be the center of Clipper fandom, and rooting court-side every game with his family. Crystal embodies what Clipper Nation represents holistically, believers that want nothing but success for their team and are willing to spend their whole life waiting for the day a Championship is brought home.

Although that day seems like it will never come, Clipper fans like Crystal have something to hope and believe on with their new adviser Jerry West and Executive Vice President Lawrence Frank.

Thank you Billy Crystal for your continued support to the Los Angeles Clippers.