Los Angeles Clippers can seriously improve by acquiring Jabari Parker

MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 22: Jabari Parker
MILWAUKEE, WI - APRIL 22: Jabari Parker /

Jabari Parker is now a restricted free agent after his season ended in a tough first round exit. The Los Angeles Clippers can improve by acquiring the former number two draft pick.

Jabari Parker was very close to being traded at the deadline, reported earlier this year, per Racine Journal Times. Milwaukee as an organization attempted to make a last-minute move before the deadline, searching for assets. If the LA Clippers can add Parker to the roster the entire team would improve. Knowing Parker is as good as gone this summer, and Parker himself knowing he was almost dealt, is just the spark of the flame.

Parker will be seeking a max contract when signing his next deal. Zach Lowe of ESPN reported the Bucks made a contract offer to Parker for $54 million over three years.

Milwaukee will enter the offseason already capped out financially. Signing Parker to a max deal with this will seriously damage their future. At this point it becomes clear that both parties will benefit by splitting ways and closing this chapter of his career with the Bucks.

Ever since Parker’s second unfortunate ACL tear, his young career has been a never-ending roller coaster. Coming back from the latest injury, his potential looks promising, averaging just under 19 points and 3 assists per 36.

With the Bucks, Parker is only playing a measly 24 minutes per game, the fewest of his career so far. With these limited minutes his averaged 12.6 points, 4.9 rebounds and 1.9 assists per game this season.

Observing Parker this season, his offense seems to be coming around. He is able to score from anywhere on the floor, not just at the rim. Shooting an impressive 38.2 percent from three, also 50% from mid-range. He can be a jump shooter when needed, which is another threat to his offensive arsenal.

This is exactly the type of mentality the Clippers need in a young player, he is a perfect fit. Parker can definitely be a top scorer with the LA Clippers, and easily a top two scoring option.