Los Angeles Clippers’ Sam Dekker calls out Fortnite players

NEW ORLEANS, LA - JANUARY 28: Sam Dekker /

The Los Angeles Clippers’ Sam Dekker is suspicious of all the Fortnite players and their skill in the battle royale game.

Sam Dekker has had enough of you NBA. The Los Angeles Clippers’ forward took to Twitter last week to call them all out.

For those of you who don’t go online or have any friends that game, Fortnite is the current most popular battle royale game. One hundred players drop onto an island and have to forage for weapons and materials as a storm forces them into an ever decreasing area so they encounter each other. You can play as a solo player, with a buddy or as a squad of four. The last person, team or Tomato standing wins the game.

Apparently, Sam doesn’t see winning as meaningful if you don’t have the kills to back it up.


Well guess what Sam: Hiding is a legitimate strategy! Being the last man standing is the only way to win the game. There’s no trophy for having the most kills in the game. There’s only that sweet, sweet Victory Royale.

I mean, if you won a basketball game 2-0, it would still count the same in the win/loss column, right? Not all of us are Rambo or John Wick, even if we dress like him.

Personally, if I can luck into grabbing the bush consumable, I’m trying my hardest to NOT shoot anyone until the last few are remaining. I like to play the odds. Sure, I can try and down 10 people a game in Tilted Towers, but I have a lot better chance of just getting one perched up on his brick tower.

To each their own, but I say let people crop their kills out if they choose. If you want to start playing and getting 15 kills per game, do it! But don’t be surprised when I pop out from behind a truck and take you out to win the game.

The win will count in my book.