Analyzing Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - APRIL 15: Paul George /

With Paul George possibly being a free agent and stating he would like to play in Los Angeles, should the Clippers try and get him?

The looming 2018 free agency is an opportunity for Paul George to move. George’s decision likely lies in the performance of the Thunder this post-season.  Whether he stays with the Oklahoma City Thunder or leaves to a new franchise, Paul George is a proven scorer and his defensive ability is uncanny. Should the Los Angeles Clippers look at him in free agency?

Many NBA speculators perceive George’s off-season move as entering the magic zone, Los Angeles Lakers. The perception that George wants to be in Los Angeles is for good reason. Ultimately, winning a championship, is the lifelong goal George has been chasing in the league. The Lakers are currently incapable of achieving a winning bracket. However, the Clippers have the assets and chemistry to make a deep playoff run.

Paul George has a history of wanting to land in Los Angeles. Before the Thunder trade, George reportedly wanted to join a team in Los Angeles. Although the Lakers have the cap space to add Paul George to the roster, the Clippers have a more asset filled team to offer a potential deep playoff run or even a championship run.

The defensive capability of the Clippers would be a dominant force in the League. Potentially the team could have Paul George, DeAndre Jordan, Patrick Beverley, Avery Bradley and Tobais Harris.

The Clippers would trade multiple players to alleviate their (near max) cap space to acquire Paul George. For example, players like Danilo Gallinari would have to go to even have a chance at PG13. Currently, Gallinari’s contract is taking up 17.30% of the team’s cap space. Close behind, Austin Rivers contract is taking 9.95% of the Clippers cap space, should he opt in. As much as we love these two players, they would need to go in order to clear much needed cap space in acquiring Paul George.

“I’m not a stats guy,” said George. “I’m playing this game to win and build a legacy of winning. I’ve yet to do that. I’m searching for it.”

If George wants to build a legacy of winning, I am sure the Clippers would suffice in achieving his intention. The Clippers have never reached the Western Conference Championship in the playoffs, and Paul George could start a legacy of winning that could forever rewrite the history books.

Paul George has also stated numerous times that he was a fan of the Clippers growing up. I mean what better way of showing support to the team you looked up at for years then joining them?

Paul George is a target the Clippers could acquire this off-season and would definitely work in the Clippers system, especially defensively. Just imagine the pick-and-roll offensive with Boban/DeAndre and George, he would be able to hit threes like no other.