Former Clipper Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis denies drug charges while eating Popeyes aboard private jet

HOUSTON, TX - MAY 6: Glen Davis
HOUSTON, TX - MAY 6: Glen Davis /

Former Los Angeles Clippers power forward Glen “Big Baby” Davis was allegedly arrested on seven counts of drug possession and distribution. Davis denied these allegations in an Instagram video.

Glen Davis, who played two seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers, was reportedly arrested in Aberdeen, Maryland at a Hampton Inn on February 7 after police responded to reports of marijuana odors emanating from his room, according to ABC 2’s Brian Kuebler.

The owner of the hotel knocked on Davis’ room door after smelling a marijuana order.  Someone in the room told the hotel owner to “F*@# off”, according to court records. Police then came to the room and conducted a search after Davis gave signed consent, Kuebler said.

Police recovered 126 grams of marijuana, 92,164 U.S. dollars and a ledger of names “consistent with someone involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics,”  according to Aberdeen Police Lieutenant William Reiber.

Davis is reportedly scheduled to appear in court sometime in April, Kuebler said.

Davis in the NBA

Big Baby shined during the 2008 NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics, playing a key role in their championship role. After his breakout performance in the Finals, Davis had an up-and-down career. He bounced around multiple teams before putting his basketball career “on hold” in November 2016.

Davis played for the LA Clippers from from 2014-2015 after he signed with the franchise as a free agent. The burly forward never caught on in Los Angeles, averaging career lows in scoring both seasons with the team while dealing with various injuries throughout. Davis’ last NBA minutes were in May 2015 with the Clippers in a game 7 loss to the Houston Rockets. Davis scored 2 points in the Clippers loss.

Big Baby has been public of former coach Doc Rivers in recent years. Rivers coached Davis in Boston and signed him to the Clippers in 2014. Davis has claimed that Rivers was lucky in coaching the Celtics to the 2008 championship.

Hopefully there is more to the story and Big Baby isn’t caught on the wrong side of the law. Despite his apparent disdain for the franchise in recent years, he is still part of the Clippers family.

Much ado about nothing?

As far as Big Baby is concerned, this story is nothing to be worried about. In an Instagram post on Saturday, Davis denied the allegations aboard a private jet while eating Popeyes next to a briefcase full of cash. “I’ll have may day in court,” Davis said in the video, while denying the allegations in classic Big Baby fashion.

Details are slim at this point, but we will continue to follow this story as more updates become available. Don’t forget to follow Clipperholics on Twitter for all the Clippers latest news and updates.