Rockets Attempt to Break into LA Clippers Locker Room Following Game

LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 15: Trevor Ariza
LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 15: Trevor Ariza /

After the LA Clippers defeated the Houston Rockets on Monday night, multiple sources confirmed the battle didn’t end on the court.

The game was great, but the postgame was worthy of a prime-time Emmy. The Clippers earned a gritty 113-102 victory over the Houston Rockets. During the game, we were given chippy play, ejections, and a lot of bad words. As it turns out, this was all leading up to what would transpire after both teams would head to the locker rooms.

It all started when there was a tweet saying a fight broke out in the Rockets’ locker room.

Although nothing was confirmed, there was speculation circulating that the fight was between Chris Paul and James Harden. In a postgame interview, Paul squashed the rumors that him and Harden fought.

And now the fun begins….

It was then first reported to Clipperholics that the Rockets were trying to break into the Clippers’ locker room.

Although it was unclear on what was happening, more tweets began to surface, confirming the Rockets were in-fact making an attempt to break into the Clippers’ locker room. Moments later, we had ourselves a “Woj-Bomb”. Except this time, he wasn’t breaking the news of a trade. He was breaking the news of what apparently went down.

As if Woj wasn’t reliable enough, Brad Turner of the LA Times confirmed just a moment later that this was truly transpiring.

It got serious enough as to the LAPD needing to be called in. According to sources, the Rockets players were going after Austin Rivers.

With just a minute left in the game, Houston’s Trevor Ariza began barking with Rivers, who was on the sideline. There’s no prior history with the two, but someone must have said something that didn’t sit well with the other. Obviously, it didn’t sit well enough with the Rockets, where they needed to group up and confront him following the game.

Things then got more interesting, when more information of the altercation surfaced. According to Woj, Chris Paul escorted OTHER Rockets players through a backstory that connects the teams dressing rooms.

So pretty much, this is what we know at the moment:

  • Green, Ariza, & Harden attempt to get into Clippers locker room
  • Chris Paul leads other Rockets through secret passage, attempting to get in through the back

My goodness, this sounds like a drama you’d see on TV. To be honest, I would pay any amount to watch this go down. Don’t worry, it doesn’t end here!

Woj then later tweeted that Clint Capela even went up to the door of the Clippers locker room, and then proceeded to knock. Someone even opened the door, saw him there, and shut the door.

Can we please try and find out who opened the door?

Patrick Beverley, who didn’t play, took to Twitter following the altercation.


So pretty much, it’s 12:45 in the morning, and I am still trying to wrap my head around what exactly happened. Here’s what we know:

  • Harden, Ariza, & Green tried getting into the locker room
  • CP3 led other Rockets through a “secret tunnel”, which is what I like to call it
  • Capela knocked on the door, tried to get in
  • The Rockets still took the loss

It was an exciting night of basketball, to say the least. For those asking, the two teams meet up again in Los Angeles on Feb. 28. That is definitely going to be must-see television, and a game you definitely won’t want to miss.