LA Clippers finally end losing streak versus Warriors

OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 10: Tyrone Wallace
OAKLAND, CA - JANUARY 10: Tyrone Wallace /

The LA Clippers’ win against the Warriors on Wednesday ended a years long winning drought for LA.

LA Clippers versus Golden State Warriors on Christmas day of 2014. That was during the peak of their rivalry, and also the last time the Clippers would beat the Warriors for years to come. On Wednesday night, the Clippers finally ended that losing streak and beat Golden State 125-106.

And it came in a peculiar way. Both teams were depleted, but the Clippers much more. The Warriors were without their “Splash Brothers”, leaving their team lifeless and without a purpose. The Clippers were down 4 starters plus more, but played with effort and spirit that Kevin Durant‘s 40 points couldn’t overcome.

The Warriors have given the Clippers beatdown after beatdown since 2014. This was supposed to be another scheduled one, but the Clippers came out to win. On top of that, the Clippers ended another losing streak that was more than 6 years in the works.

It’s well known that Oracle Arena is one of, if not the hardest, arena to play basketball in for opposing teams. The loud crowd at “Roaracle” gives the Warriors the best home court advantage in the NBA. Before Wednesday night, the Clippers hadn’t won a game there since Christmas of 2011. (Which just so happened to be the first game Chris Paul played with the Clippers).

But on Wednesday, the Clippers delivered an L to Warriors players and fans on their own court.

So, what?

Games between these two are no longer a big deal, and shouldn’t be treated as such.  For one thing, only a few players that played in the game were even on the teams during the height of the rivalry (DeAndre Jordan being the only one for LA).

Perhaps the Clippers saw it in them to win because most of the players didn’t see any significance in the matchup. They played with clear heads and didn’t have to overthink or worry about history, à la Blake Griffin.

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Wednesday’s win was a little victory, but a victory nonetheless. Though the rivalry between these two teams is long gone, there will always be a morsel of animosity. If anything, this game can just be something you shove in the face of your Warriors fan friends.